Jugoslav Jovičić

About me

Software Engineering student. Passionate about coding and web design, currently working on becoming a full stack developer. Always eager to learn new technologies and solve complex problems. 2 years of experience in C, C++ and Python. Technology specialist with extensive experience in Windows, Windows Server, and Computer Networking. Currently working as a SW Support Specialist III at NCR, remotely configuring and maintaining NCR Aloha Point of Sale systems across thousands of customers. Freelance web designer.


Created Python scripts to remove book moves from PGN files containing chess games. Used binary Book file containing hashes of positions, with calculated best computer moves. Later rewrote it in C++ as a CLI program, leading to huge performance gains. The C++ program is a PGN parser, converter, chess simulator, as well as a filtering program.
Program has been used at Chess.com to catch players cheating, on the Fair Play subforum.

Started with scripts for MMORPG RuneScape, written for Simba & SRL, using Pascal. Moved to Java scripts written for injection and reflection clients. Also created pure color scripts using AutoHotKey.

Created a batch script to auto generate reports every night for Aloha POS system. Reports are generated using built in functions, "printed" to a PDF, then sent out via email to the configured destinations. In use at all Hilton hotels in the southeast United States.

Created this portfolio page using HTML5/CSS3, with simple JavaScipt code. Page has been made interactive, accessible and responsive.